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the team

Graziella Saade Sfeir

Graziella is the creative mind and founder of SPICE. She studied graphic design and did a double major in Visual Communication and Advertising at the Ecole des Arts – University of Balamand ALBA. After receiving her Masters in 1995, Graziella was selected by Mr. Michel Murr (Member of the Diploma Jury and Owner & CEO of MTV) to run MTV’s creative department and worked there for 7 years.

Seasoned with years of experience in advertising, graphic design and TV industry exposure, she set up SPICE in 2002. As founder and manager, Graziella brings her expertise and keen-eye for design to the forefront of each project.  Attracting local and international clients because of her flavoursome work experience, portfolio, solid relations and knowledge of graphic design, interior design and art trends, Graziella leads the talented team with plenty of industry insight and market knowledge.

Tephany Chemaly

A senior art director and visual communication professional, Tephany graduated in 2004 with distinction from NDU, specialising in typography and photography. Tephany is qualified, imaginative and inspired. She is always ready to translate a client brief into design with a pinch of uniqueness. She enjoys working on logos, packaging and brochures. She is interested in sports, music and movies.

Jihanne Chamoun

Our Traffic manager, Jihane manages the schedule and supports the teams. She focuses her energy daily on coordinating projects and making the connection between clients and the creative team. She pays particular attention to detail and is always keen to satisfy our clients with her punctuality, continuous good mood and unique big smile.

Jasmina Najjar

The best copywriter in Lebanon, Jasmina knows how to create the right brand image through words. Raised in London, she has extensive experience. Since 2002, Jasmina has worked as a journalist, becoming a managing editor, and as an advertising copywriter, becoming a senior conceptual copywriter with major pan-Arab accounts. She graduated with high distinction from AUB and has an MA in Literature, Culture and Modernity from Queen Mary, University of London. Driven by a passion for advertising, branding and social media marketing, Jasmina is articulate, eccentric and playful.